Texas Motor Speedway adding more SAFER barriers at track

Jeff Gordon at TMS

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The entire inside wall of the backstretch at Texas Motor Speedway and the interior walls at the entry and exit of pit road will have energy-absorbing barriers in place when NASCAR races there in two weekends.

There were already SAFER barriers on high-impact exterior walls at the 1 1/2-mile track, but speedway officials said Wednesday that the installation of an additional 2,866 feet to select areas should be completed this week.

Along with the inside walls, SAFER barriers are being added to three exterior sections on the frontstretch, directly across from the entry and exit of the pits, and at the start-finish line.

Another 2,103 feet of safety barrier will be installed before NASCAR returns next April, and every wall will be protected following a third phase after that.