Texas Wesleyan wins homecoming game

Texas Wesleyan band and cheer team prepare to take the field on Saturday, Nov. 3.

Texas Wesleyan University won their homecoming football game on Saturday with a nailbiter, 21-20, over the Lyon Scots at Farrington Field.

With 8:28 seconds to play, the Rams scored putting them ahead of the Lyon team which had scored two touchdowns, but then was held to two field goals. On the next drive, the Rams intercepted the Lyons, allowing the team to hang on for the win.

Texas Wesleyan, which just started playing football again last year, held its first homecoming during football season on Saturday, since the 1940s.

The victory gives Texas Wesleyan a 2-7 record. The team will play the Ottawa-Arizona team next week, also at Farrington Field.