2020 Heroes: Joseph Cordova

Joseph Cordova ER Doctor Texas Health Southwest Fort Worth – Reporting and photography by Amber Shumake

Joseph Cordova 

ER Doctor

Texas Health Southwest Fort Worth

Cordova has been at Texas Health Southwest since 2007

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Cordova said that prior to these past few months, he only wore an N-95 mask for procedures— perhaps for a few minutes or an hour. Over the past few months, he and health care professionals across the world have acclimated to breathing for 8- to 10-hour shifts in a mask.

He is married with two school-aged boys and a toddler.

When asked what he does at home, the answer is Play Doh. If you have ever played with Play Doh, you know it’s best manipulated outside, and that’s where I caught up with Cordova and Hollis, the toddler.

To stay well, Cordova gets outside as much as he can either swimming or riding bikes. Though humble, he’s a man of many talents and can play piano well. A couple years back, his wife asked him to learn to play River Flows In You by Yurima, and he did.

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It’s a passion he and his wife have also impressed upon their two sons, Owen and Finn. 

What drew him to the ER?

It’s fun. Fun? It’s where you get to see someone and have a resolution from start to finish. 

What has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Everything has slowed down. There’s no rushing from one thing to the next.

– Reporting and photography by Amber Shumake