Long-running live theatre awards postponed

Comedy-tragedy theater masks
Classic comedy-tragedy theater masks

Rick Mauch
FWBP Contributor

The longest-running awards gala honoring live theatre in the Fort Worth-Dallas area will be waiting a while longer to hand out its annual best-of-honors this year.
    The Column Awards, originally scheduled to be handed out this past Sunday, have been postponed until June 14 because of COVID-19, founder John Garcia said. The event is held annually at the Irving Arts Center.
    Garcia has been operating the web site The Column Online for over two decades. He started the Column Awards 21 years ago to honor theatre artists and creators throughout the area. Since its beginning, some of Broadway’s biggest stars have appeared onstage to host the gala, including Chita Rivera, Max Von Essen, Michael Urie, and many others.
    “This horrific virus forced theaters all over the DFW metroplex to immediately shut down productions that were currently running – or shows that had just opened. Even worse, shows that were to open that very week,” Garcia said. “Then as if it that wasn’t enough to crush every artistic heart, theaters had to cancel shows that were to open later in March, and now in April.
    “All of these cancellations will immensely affect the financial operations of theaters all around DFW. This worries me dearly because I don’t want us to lose any of these theater companies.We need them.
    “I sincerely hope once this COVID-19 nightmare subsides, that both city councils (Dallas and Fort Worth) will help our arts out financially.”
    In the meantime, folks can visit http://thecolumnonline.com/ and see what area critics picked as their favorite shows, performers, etc. This is also an indication of what shows might be up for awards when the event is held.