Big turnout in Texas, Tarrant County

Voting at Southwest Regional Library on Nov. 3 photo by Robert Francis

It was a big day for turnout in Texas and Tarrant County.
According to preliminary figures from the Texas Secretary of State’s office, about 66% of registered voters in Texas cast a vote this election.
That was the highest turnout for an election in Texas since 1992, when 73% of registered voters headed to the polls. That was the year that George H.W. Bush, Ross Perot Jr. and Bill Clinton were a big draw.

In Tarrant County, 768,204 of the 1.2 million eligible voters cast ballots, giving the county a turnout of 64%.
In 2016, 63% of voters cast ballots; in 2012, 64% of voters headed to the polls; in 2008 66% of voters cast votes.
Going back to 1996, 55% of eligible voters cast ballots.