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City Council: Ornamental fence coming for Will Rogers area

As part of the new look for the Will Rogers Memorial Center, the Fort Worth City Council at its Tuesday meeting authorized an agreement with Sedalco Inc. for the construction of an ornamental fence along the southern boundary of the campus.

To pay for the project and connected costs, council authorized the transfer of $650,000 of available appropriated funds from the Culture and Tourism Project Finance Zone Fund to the Culture and Tourism Venue Capital Project Fund.

The fence, which will be iron, will be adjacent to the Dickies Arena, which is under construction and scheduled to open in November of 2019.

“The fence is mostly for crowd control and animal access to the grounds,” District 7 Councilman Dennis Shingleton said. “It’s redirects traffic.”

Shingleton said the fence will be a nice-looking addition.

“It’s ornamental, not chain link,” he said.

Initial funding for the project is being provided by the city, with Event Facilities Fort Worth paying the cost in excess of whatever balance remains following completion of the pending Cattle Barn 1 project.

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