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Council Report: Bad Axe Throwing is coming to Fort Worth

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Who says bad axe throwing and alcohol don’t go together?

Bad Axe Throwing is actually the name of the establishment that will offer, well, axe throwing – in a controlled environment, of course. The activity, complete with axe throwing coaches, is growing in popularity and, much like darts, only bigger, the idea is to be accurate with throws at a target.

The nationwide company has arrived in Fort Worth at 1200 E. Lancaster Ave., and a variance granted by the Fort Worth City Council at Tuesday’s meeting will allow for the sale of wine and beer for on-premise at Bad Axe Throwing.

The variance allows for overriding of a city code prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages within 300 feet of a school, church, or public hospital. In this case, it’s a school, Fort Worth Can Academy – South, located at 1316 E. Lancaster Avenue.

Though there was a public hearing, no one spoke in opposition. The establishment lessee Nicholas Jahr spoke, however, reassuring folks that the facility has well-trained employees who will closely monitor all alcohol sales. This includes customers paying as they purchase each drink.

“We don’t allow tabs,” Jahr said. “It makes it easier to keep track of how many drinks we’re selling to an individual.

“Also, we’re not viewed as a bar. We think we’re closer to a bowling alley that would have a bar in it.”

District 8 Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray, in whose district Bad Axe Throwing lies, said, “The bigger concern was the security piece. Because you are going to have alcohol and there is alcohol and axe throwing, and I’m not quite sure how both of those things work together.”

Jahr responded that there will be security in addition to the trained employees.

“That’s officially on the record, Nicholas,” Gray said, adding with a smile, “We’ll come look for you if not.”

The 300-foot measurement is a straight line from where the alcohol is sold to the property line of the school. However, city code provides the council may grant a variance for a variety of reasons, such as enforcement of the regulation not being in the best interest of the public, a waste or inefficient use of land or other resources, or the creation of an undue hardship on the applicant for a license or permit, among others.


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