Council Report: Fort Worth red light camera program ends with Abbott’s signature

No more red light cameras

Red light cameras are a thing of the past in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth City Council received an informal report at its Tuesday work session updating them on this status.

Fort Worth had 58 cameras at 44 intersections. The program was put in place in July of 2007.

However, when Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1631 this past week, it banned the use of such cameras across the state. The bill included a savings clause to allow programs to continue unless the management contract, as it existed on May 7, included a provision allowing for immediate termination in the event of adverse legislation action.

Fort Worth’s contract with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) included such a provision. Otherwise, it would have expired on May 28, 2026.

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“Our program terminated immediately after the Governor signed the bill,” said Tanya Brooks, Assistant Director of Transportation and Public Works.

In Fiscal Year 2018, the program received $9.6 million in revenue, and after making a required payment to the State Trauma Fund of $2.2 million and paying program expenses, the city was able to retain $3.6 million in revenue to specifically fund traffic safety activities in the general fund. These traffic safety activities include the maintenance and service of traffic signage, pavement markings, traffic signals, crosswalks, and intersection lighting.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2020, the city will determine how these necessary activities will be supported in the general fund and at what level, without the offsetting revenue.

Additionally, the program employed three full-time positions for its administration. One employee will be retained through the end of the fiscal year.