Council Report: Proposed comprehensive plan amendments


At Tuesday’s work session, the Fort Worth City Council received an informal report concerning proposed amendments to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is a general guide for making decisions about the City’s growth and development. The plan presents a broad vision for Fort Worth’s future and describes major policies, programs, and projects that are intended to realize that vision.

The proposed 2020 Comprehensive Plan includes a number of updates to the adopted 2019 Comprehensive Plan, including updates to data and graphics describing population, economic, and financial trends affecting Fort Worth. The Comprehensive Plan update for 2020 includes significant revisions to the housing and transportation chapters, as well as updates to the future land use maps, the annexation program, and the capital improvements plan.

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“I think Fort Worth’s Comprehensive Plan is an excellent example of this common tool. Because Fort Worth’s Comprehensive Plan is reviewed and updated frequently, the plan is a good source of relevant information describing a range of existing conditions affecting Fort Worth,” City Planning Manager Eric Fladager said. “The update process also ensures that changes to existing conditions or city objectives and policies are accurately reflected in the Comprehensive Plan, offering up-to-date guidance on decisions about city growth and development.”

Proposed Amendments for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan include:

1. The population trends, economic trends, and financial trends chapters have been updated to reflect the latest statistical information available.

2. Chapter 5: Housing, and Chapter 11: Transportation have been updated to incorporate new data and policy direction from recently adopted plans, such as the Active Transportation Plan, the Master Thoroughfare Plan, the Complete Streets Policy, and the Fort Worth Affordable Housing Strategic Plan. The chapters have also been redesigned to present the information more graphically for ease of online use.

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3. Appendix A: Existing Plans and studies has been updated to reflect the city council’s adoption of (a) the Active Transportation Plan and (b) the Transportation Engineering Manual.

4. Appendix C: Future land use by sector has been updated to reflect approved zoning changes, previously adopted city plans, new development plans and opportunities, and existing development patterns unlikely to change.

5. Appendix D: Proposed capital improvements has been updated to include the adopted FY2020-2024 Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, along with a graphic summary of major expenditures described in the plan.

6. Appendix F: Annexation plan, policy, and program has been updated to reflect changes to the annexation program.

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The council is scheduled to conduct a public hearing and vote on adoption of the Plan on March 3.