Council Report: Survey going to residents this month


Some Fort Worth residents can look forward to a community survey coming in their mailbox. The survey is conducted every two years, with the last one being in 2017.

The community survey assesses satisfaction with the quality of city services. The City is partnering with ETC Institute to administer the survey.

The questions are a combination of previous survey questions and current topics.

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A six-page survey will be mailed to a random sample of 8,000 households in the City of Fort Worth. People will be able to complete the survey by mail or online. The sample is designed to ensure the completion of at least 1,600 surveys, including 150 in each of the

city’s eight council districts. The remaining 400 surveys will be used to oversample certain areas of the city to ensure that enough respondents are obtained from key corridors and other geographic areas.

“It’s one of our forms of input. We use it to gauge where we need to make improvements,” Director of Performance and Budget Lynda Johnson said. “Usually it lines up with what residents want and what’s in the budget.”

Approximately 10 days after the surveys are mailed, residents who received the survey will be contacted by e-mail and/or phone. Those who have indicated that they have not completed the survey will have the option of completing it online or by phone. Interviews will be conducted in English and Spanish.

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The surveys will be sent to residents in late October. The final report will be presented to staff and city council in January, allowing time to use the results while preparing budgets for Fiscal Year 2021.