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Council Report: Trinity Park improvements approved


Someday when people will be able to go back to Trinity Park on a regular basis, and when they do, thanks to a charitable contribution from the Bass Foundation, it will be getting almost $1 million in facility improvements. The Fort Worth City Council, at Tuesday’s meeting, approved acceptance of $945,051 from the Bass Foundation in a design procurement agreement.

The agreement is related to the extension of Trail Drive, along with improvements to the adjacent Trinity Park.

Previously, in phase I of the project, the city entered into an agreement with the Bass Foundation that resulted in construction of a parking lot, sidewalks, trails, and landscape improvements in Trinity Park to provide enhanced public accessibility to the Van Zandt Cottage and improved parkland for Fort Worth residents.

Tuesday’s council approval was for Phase II.

“I am pleased with the Trail Drive connection project, which both provides vehicular and pedestrian connections between University Drive and Lancaster Avenue,” said District 9 Councilwoman Ann Zadeh, in whose district the project lies.

Trinity Park is located at 2401 University Dr.

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