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Business Data Delivery: Fort Worth firm offers legislative intelligence

Data Delivery: Fort Worth firm offers legislative intelligence

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Mosaic Strategy Partners

777 Taylor St.


Fort Worth 76102


For more information on Legintel: legintel.com

It’s no secret that money talks. But just how much money is spent to remove a burdensome regulation or add a beneficial clause to legislation pending in the Texas Legislature?

The answers to those questions and many others can now be easily answered with Legintel, a new software system developed by Fort Worth-based startup Mosaic Strategy Partners, a government affairs and strategic consulting firm.

Legintel is the result of five years of work to compile 2 million pieces of campaign finance and legislative data into a user-friendly system that makes tracking legislative votes with money received from donors and lobby groups as easy as a few keystrokes.

The software’s database is a compilation of extensive data on bills, lawmakers’ votes, testimony, campaign donations and committee hierarchies that allow users to obtain non-partisan, factual information that provides a check on government as well as useful materials for legislative advocacy.

“I’ve spent my career in a heavily regulated industry and I’m acutely aware of the difficulty dealing with bureaucracy and government entities as an outsider,” said J.W. Wilson, a major investor in Legintel and a founding member and president of Roxo Energy.

“What Mosaic has created allows an ease of access and insight into the Texas political machine that we’ve never seen before,” Wilson said. “This literally puts thousands of legislative data points at your fingertips in an instant.”

Legintel makes its debut just as Mosaic Strategy Partners marks its first anniversary as a public relations and government affairs firm. What sets this firm apart is its strong reliance on data and social media analysis to devise a strategy to help clients accomplish their goals.

“Everything we do is data-driven,” said Brooke Goggans, a founding partner and Mosiac’s communications expert. “None of us downplay our experience but we also understand how important it is to give our clients data to support the strategy.”

Goggans and founding partners Tom Stallings and Brinton Payne bring a wealth of experience in public and government relations to help their clients obtain clearer insight on everything from controversial real estate projects to new corporate initiatives.

The firm’s services also include media relations, political consulting, spokesperson training and crisis management.

Stallings, the strategy expert of the firm, has spent has career in politics.

He the former chief of staff for Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, and also served as a chief of staff in the U.S. House and as a senior policy advisor on issues such as energy, technology and trade in the U.S. Senate.

Payne is Mosaic’s technology expert and the architect behind Legintel, which was under development for four years before the founding of Mosaic.

He was formerly vice president of government and urban affairs for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. He then founded Legislative Intelligence LLC, a consulting firm, where he created the first generation of the social media monitoring tool that Mosaic now uses.

Goggans’ career has been in politics and communications.

She has worked in the U.S. Senate and the private sector, managing public relations campaigns for clients involved in large projects in real estate, transportation and utility infrastructure in Massachusetts and Texas.

Payne said Legintel will be a game changer for many types of businesses and industries that interact with elected officials and government policy-making.

Not too long ago, lobbying used to involve letter writing, phone calling or faxing lawmakers to express an opinion. Then email and social media took over as a faster and more efficient way to try to influence policy-making decisions.

But the process of fully understanding the political landscape and knowing which lawmakers to target could still be as time-intensive as a massive research project.

And that’s where Legintel comes in. It’s intended to help businesses, trade and professional organizations, nonprofits and individuals get helpful information immediately.

“Maybe someone just has five minutes before walking into a meeting,” Payne said. “They can log in and get something they can use in that meeting.”

Users can type in the name of a lawmaker in the search bar and up pops information about the lawmaker’s voting record as well as campaign donors and how much was contributed by those special interest groups and individuals.

The software relies on public information derived from state databases of campaign finance reports, testimony and legislator data.

“Anyone who has an interest in the (state) Legislature should use this,” Payne said. “There’s too much information to make sense of and this makes it easy.”

Legintel is now available to the public for an annual subscription of $3,500.

Besides operating this software, Mosaic will continue its government affairs and consulting business.

The firm also offers the option of creating individualized, customized reports from Legintel’s proprietary software or in conjunction with one-on-one consulting.

Since the system is just rolling out, Mosaic does not yet have any clients for the new product.

But depending on its success, the firm could expand to offering similar data on federal lawmakers and campaign spending or on lawmakers in other states.

Mosaic is a Small Business Enterprise and a Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

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