Driver, man clinging to hood in road rage case, arraigned

WALTHAM, Mass. (AP) — Two Massachusetts men involved in an apparent case of road rage in which one drove at speeds of up to 70 mph with the other clinging to the hood of his vehicle, some of which was caught on video , were released after their arraignments Monday.

Mark Fitzgerald, 37, of Ashland, was released on $500 bail after not guilty pleas to charges including assault with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60 were entered on his behalf.

Richard Kamrowski, 65, of Framingham, was released on his own recognizance after not guilty pleas to charges including malicious destruction of a motor vehicle were entered on his behalf.

Police say the men were involved in a minor accident Friday on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Weston.

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Kamrowski got out of his pickup truck to exchange insurance information with Fitzgerald, who stayed in his car, police said.

At some point, Fitzgerald drove forward and Kamrowski jumped on his hood. Fitzgerald then drove up to 3 miles, at speeds of up to 70 mph, slowing down and accelerating, with Kamrowski clinging to the hood, state police said.

Kamrowski, who had grabbed a metal water bottle out of Fitzgerald’s car, used it to smash his windshield.

The encounter ended when Fitzgerald stopped and a third driver, who is a licensed gun owner, held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

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Lawyers for both men blamed the other for being the aggressor.

Fitzgerald’s attorney, Michael Chinman, said only part of the story was told in court.

“They did not read the part of the eyewitness who says that the other party was the aggressor, the other party was angry, the other party approached Mr. Fitzgerald’s car and appeared to be fighting him,” he said outside of court.

Kamrowski smashed the windshield in an attempt get Fitzgerald to stop, said his attorney, Joseph Comenzo.

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“No, he was propelled onto the hood while he was on the road and was trying to make the car stop and that’s the first time that he struck the windshield with the water bottle,” he said.

Both men are due back in court on March 13.