Erin Andrews settles her peephole lawsuit for an undisclosed amount

Erin Andrews, the Fox Sports reporter and ABC personality, has reached a financial settlement with a Nashville, Tennessee, hotel owner and operator, putting an end to her peephole lawsuit.

Terms of the settlement are confidential, reports, but in March, a Nashville jury awarded Andrews $55 million. It determined that Michael David Barrett, who took nude video of her without her knowledge through an altered peephole while she was a hotel guest, was responsible for $28 million and that West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group, the hotel owner and operator, were responsible for the rest.

“This litigation is over,” Randall Kinnard, the Nashville lawyer who represented the former ESPN reporter, told the Tennessean. “Erin Andrews is satisfied with the settlement, the terms of which are confidential.”

According to the Tennessean, the settlement came hours before attorneys were to return to the courtroom to discuss an issue that could have altered how the $55 million was broken down. Kinnard had asked the judge to apply rules of joint and several liability, which could have made the companies responsible for the entire $55 million.

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Barrett, a former Chicago-area insurance company executive, was convicted in 2009 of stalking Andrews and shooting video in Nashville and in Columbus, Ohio. That video became viral. He served 20 months in prison and was released in 2012.