Fort Worth City Council: Streams and Valleys update


In its work session, the council received a briefing on the Streams and Valleys Strategic Plan from Executive Director Stacy Pierce.

Pierce said a plan will be unveiled to the public in May and in late November a Mapita survey will be sent to the Fort Worth residents for citizen input.

“When you get it, I hope you will spend some time with it and record everything you can think of,” Pierce said.

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“I’ve been on the river five or six days a week for years, including this morning, and it is just beautiful,” Mayor Betsy Price said.

Pierce noted that the Trinity River is integral to the economy, is the lifeblood of the environment, and is a centerpiece of the city. She said goals include community, connectivity, economic development, education, flood control, health, diverse recreational opportunities and water quality.

“Let’s use the river as an antidote to technology,” Pierce said. “We want to think about economic development on one side, but we also want to think about a healthy community and areas where you can get out and enjoy nature.”