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Fort Worth identifies projects for Tarrant transportation bond program

Published on March 18, 2021

Fort Worth has proposed several dozen projects to be considered as part of a $400 million transportation bond program being developed by the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. The bond program will go before voters countywide in November.

In 2006, Tarrant County voters approved a $200 million transportation bond program that funded improvements to many roadways in the county.

“Since 2006, Tarrant County has become one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, resulting in an increased demand on our transportation system,” County Administrator G.K. Maenius said when announcing the 2021 transportation bond program.

Fort Worth’s Transportation & Public Works staff has reviewed the county’s bond policy, criteria and three main funding categories to identify eligible projects with the best opportunity for county bond funding.

The city would be required to provide at least a 50% local match of the total cost of each project. The proposed 2022 city bond program funds are expected to provide the bulk of the local match, along with available transportation impact fee funds and other sources as available.

Tarrant County will establish a project evaluation committee to develop a priority list of projects that will be sent to the Commissioners Court for approval.

These projects have been identified for city funding and Tarrant County bond funding:

  • Arterials, 12 projects with a $302,200,000 total project cost.
  • Intersections, 12 projects with a $32,800,00 total project cost.
  • Traffic signals, 15 projects with a $9 million total project cost.
  • Grade-separated railroad crossings, $60 million total project cost.

The city’s identified projects total $404,100,000, with $204,500,000 of that amount coming from the city’s 2022 bond and other funding sources.

“City staff is constantly looking at projects that are candidates for a bond election and have been working on the proposed 2022 Bond program since the summer of 2019,” said City Manager David Cooke. “The selected projects are an excellent opportunity to partner with Tarrant County to make some roadway improvements throughout the city.”

On Jan. 28, city staff was officially informed of the $400 million 2021 Tarrant County Transportation Bond Program. City staff have reviewed the criteria and three main funding categories as outlined in the county’s bond policy to put forward projects with the highest opportunity for selection.

Two public meetings are scheduled to allow Fort Worth residents to learn about the bond program and the identified city projects:

  • Tuesday, March 23, 6 p.m. Meeting conducted via Webex. The meeting number is 182 003 1908; the meeting password is transportation. The call-in number is 469-210-7159.
  • Saturday, March 27, 10 a.m. Meeting conducted via Webex. The meeting number is 182 033 1979; the meeting password is transportation. The call-in number is 469-210-7159.

Fort Worth plans its own city bond election in May 2022. Public meetings for the city’s 2022 bond election will begin this summer.

On April 6, the City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution of support for the county bond program. Commissioners Court approval is expected to come in the August-September timeframe.

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