Fort Worth is No. 1 at being country

Hey ya’ll, we’ve been named America’s Most Country City. Git out yur six-guns and commence a celebratin’. This breaking news comes courtesy of Estately Blog, a website that helps people find real estate around the country.

According to their rating system, our cowboy boot and pickup truck ratings helped push us over the top. The site took the 50 most populated cities and ranked them from 1-50 based on the percentage of Facebook users listing these ten topics as interests: country music, fishing, hunting, NASCAR, firearms, barbecue, cowboy boots, pickup trucks, rodeos, and sweet tea. Beer drinking was nowhere to be found on the list.

According to the site’s writeup on the designation: “Dallas and Fort Worth may be neighbors, but Fort Worth is definitely the one that changes its own oil and keeps the cooler stocked with cold beer on ice. When it comes to keeping it country, Fort Worth is definitely the real deal. Cowtown’s stockyards are no longer the center of cattle drives, but the city is still the birthplace of Townes Van Zandt, it loves pickup trucks more than any other city in our rankings, and it’s home to Billy Bob’s Texas—the world’s largest honky tonk.

“The city is so country it’s rumored judges in Fort Worth court rooms give visiting Dallas attorneys grief if they’re not wearing cowboy boots. All this combined earns Fort Worth the title of ‘Most Country City in America.’” Nice to see they noted the poetic storyteller Van Zandt in their write-up. So who was the least country city in America? That place you left your heart, San Francisco. And where was Dallas? No. 26. Just too many BMWs and Lexuses. Arlington was No. 11. – Robert Francis