Fort Worth voters defeat council pay hike, term increase; OK increase in council size

Fort Worth voters defeated two of the propositions up for a vote on Saturday. One that was defeated called for the council member terms be increased from two years to three, the other would increase the annual pay of council member.

Here is a breakdown of the votes:

Defeated: Proposition 1 would increase the terms of City Council members, including the mayor, from two years to three.

Narrowly passed: Proposition 2 would increase the size of the City Council from nine members to 11 – 10 elected to represent geographic districts plus the mayor, who is elected citywide.

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Defeated: Proposition 3 would increase the annual pay of council members – from $25,000 to $45,000 for district representatives and from $29,000 to $60,000 for the mayor.

Narrowly passed: Proposition 4, which allows majority of city council to appoint a council member for an unexpired term.

Passed: Proposition 5, which means council members will be sworn in at the same meeting when the results are canvased.

Passed: Proposition 6, calls for a person seeking election to the city council must have resided in the district for which he or she seeks election for 180 days prior to the first allowed filing date for the election. .

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Passed: Proposition 7, which says that municipal judges will be appointed and may be removed for cause by a majority vote of the City Council.

Passed: Preposition 8, calls for the City Charter to be amended to provide for budget hearings, adoption and publication of the budget, appropriation ordinance and tax levy ordinance in accordance with State law.

Passed: Proposition 9, calls for the City Charter be amended to clarify that when competing ordinances are presented to the voters at an election that the ordinance that receives the highest number of favorable votes prevails.

Passed: Proposition 10, City Charter be amended to add Section 21 to provide for electronic and other web based publications and notices as a substitute for newspaper publications where allowed by State law.

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Passed: Proposition 11, calls for City Charter be amended to eliminate the provisions in each section that are in conflict with State and Federal law.