Hicks and Lane get police association endorsements

By A. Lee Graham Former Fort Worth City Council members Kathleen Hicks and Jim Lane have received campaign endorsements from the Fort Worth Police Officers Association. “I think he’s a guy who really cares about Fort Worth and can get stuff done,” said Sgt. Steve Hall, association president, referring to Lane, challenging incumbent Councilman Sal Espino for the District 2 seat. Hicks and Lane are seeking election on May 11 to the district 8 and 2 seats, respectively. On learning about the endorsement, Hicks commented on her Facebook page and Twitter feed: “Extremely honored to learn that I have once again received the endorsement of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association in my quest to re-gain(sic) my position on the FW City Council!!!!!” Hicks, who forfeited her council seat when filing to run in the District 33 Congressional race last year, was succeeded by current Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray, whose husband is a city police officer. That’s led Gray to abstain on some council votes. “One thing of concern to us were the conflicts [of interest] of Gray,” said Hall, referring to those abstentions. Meanwhile, Hall praised Hicks. “She served the City Council well and was always an independent voice we respected,” Hall said.   lgraham@bizpress.net