Newsstand operator accused of $16M fraud against government

DALLAS (AP) — The operator of a newsstand in a downtown Dallas high-rise has been indicted on charges that accuse him of cashing fraudulently obtained U.S. Treasury checks amounting in value to about $16 million.

A federal grand jury in Dallas indicted Moiz Mumtaz Ali last week, but the indictment was unsealed Monday. It accuses the 36-year-old McKinney, Texas, man of conspiracy, bank fraud, theft of public money, identity theft and money laundering-related charges.

Ali manages the Gateway Newsstand in the Plaza of the Americas, a business that includes a convenience and check-cashing store. The indictment alleges he and others schemed to defraud Neighborhood Credit Union by cashing fraudulently obtained U.S. Treasury checks. Unidentified co-conspirators would bring the checks to Ali, who would redeem them for a percentage of the face amount.