On the desk of Brandon Jones, Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff & Miller

Brandon Jones financial restructuring attorney Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff & Miller, LLP

When Brandon Jones researches, strategizes and plans his multitude of cases and deals covering all aspects of distressed loans and debt obligations, he does so vertically. Standing up. Moving. Tossing a ball against the wall. “I’m just not a desk person,” he confesses. No kidding. His desk is actually a drafting table. It ssits in the corner of his office next to a large white board that allows him to think visually. And pace. And toss that ball. Here’s what’s on the desk of the attorney who rarely stays in one place.

1. White board. Got his own white board after hogging the conference room too often. He’s a taskmaster. A to-do list person better at visualizing the problem and coming up with a solution while putting all the moving parts right in front of him.

2. Children photos. Harper and Finley are the girls. Hunter is the boy. Wife Melissa is a professional photographer who runs her own business “and takes care of the family. She’s full time in all this. We’re just part time.”

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3. Roll of plans. This is a set of plans for a proposed real estate development that a client has. Looking for a creative way to buy a special piece of property. “It’s the sort of thing that takes creative problem solving.” (Read: lots of ball tossing.)

4. Stack of yellow pads. Of course. When a new deal comes in, the first thing he does is pull out a yellow pad. He’s a ferocious note taker. It’s easier to find the information this way. “This is my diary of the case. Helps me keep a running train of thought.”

That ball. Tosses it, squeezes it, especially while in the middle of trying to “solve a tough case or financial problem.” Hey, it works.

Coffee mug. His three kids made the coffee mug for Father’s Day. Proves a gentle reminder that “I need to go home instead of working all night.”

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Quote: “I’m not much of a sit down type person. I think on my feet. So I write at my desk but I think, research, strategize and plan standing up. Or leaning against the stool. It works for me.”