Tarrant County District Attorney race heats up


The battle for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office is already getting crowded though candidates can’t officially file until November. Thursday, Judge Sharen Wilson announced her intent to seek the office. She has to resign her judicial position as a state District Judge to run for the position. She has been a felony criminal district judge since 1990.

Already filing campaign treasurer designations with the Tarrant County Elections Offfice for the race are Wilson, Assistant District Attorney Robert K. “Bob” Gill, attorney Wes Ball and attorney George B. Mackey. The election will be in May 2014.  Current Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon has not yet indicated if he will seek the re-election. Shannon is considered vulnerable following a sexual harassment settlement that became public earlier this year.

Shannon was appointed District Attorney following the death of longtime DA Tim Curry. He was then elected to the position in 2010.