Tarrant County goes for Biden in latest count

red and blue building illustration
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

They’re still counting votes in Arizona, Pennsylvania and … Tarrant County. The latest vote totals for Tarrant County show that former Vice President Joe Biden won the county over President Trump.

It’s a narrow victory if it holds up, 49.22% or 403,698 total votes to Trump’s 49.14% and 403,271 votes. It’s likely cold comfort for many Democrats who thought they had everything lined up for the oft-touted “Blue Wave.” But like the other “Blue Waves” in the past, this one barely got anyone’s feet wet. It put a scare in a few candidates, some of whom didn’t tout their Republican party credentials as much as in the past, but many Democrats expected to snag a statewide office, flip the Texas House and gather up some new seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As TCU Professor Jim Riddlesperger told me: “Of course, Democrats are very disappointed because they thought that this was the year it was going to flip, and that’s not just Texas Democrats, but it’s also the national Democratic Party,” he said. “And so, the Democrats are very disappointed in their results from Texas, and this year is… I guess the large message in this year’s election is status quo.”

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