TCU shuts down Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity

Texas Christian University has rescinded the university’s recognition of the Beta Theta Chapter, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity.

According to a TCU statement, the recognition was rescinded “after the university determined that the behaviors of some of the members of the chapter were putting its membership and chapter at risk.”

The fraternity was housed in the Martin-Moore Hall on campus.

“We had been working with the chapter to address issues concerning to the university and the national headquarters of the fraternity, but believed that our efforts were not effecting the change needed in the chapter,” TCU said in a statement.

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According to campus news organization, TCU 360, the issues that were concerning the TCU administration included fraternity members dealing drugs, and guns, drugs and alcohol found inside the fraternity house. In addition, the fraternity has been found to have hazing violations over the past three years.

TCU says the Phi Kappa Sigma chapter will be closed until the national headquarters and local alumni are able to work with the university to “develop sustainable practices and leadership for the organization.”