Texas House OKs fines for posting ‘no guns’ signs

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – The Texas Legislature has approved fines for governmental entities that post signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed handguns in areas where licensed Texans are allowed to carry them.

Authored by tea party-backed Republican Sen. Donna Campbell, the plan passed both chambers with little debate, despite opposition from some municipal groups.

Saturday’s House approval 116-23 sends it to Gov. Greg Abbott to be signed into law.

Local governments and other official entities would be fined if they post signs that might intimidate license-holders who are within their rights to carry weapons.

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Fines of up to $1,500 are assessed for a first offense and $10,000 maximum for repeat violations.

The Texas attorney general’s office would receive complaints and investigate. Offending governmental bodies would have 15 days to remove signs before being fined.