Texas Supreme Court denies election petition regarding TRWD

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday denied a request the court require the Tarrant Regional Water District hold an election to fill two seats on the district’s board of directors. TRWD attorneys argued that an election is unnecessary this year because the Texas Legislature passed a bill last year that moves water board elections from even-year to odd-year cycles.

“We are pleased the Texas Supreme Court denied the request for an injunction, and agreed that state law directs that the next board election be held in 2015,” according to a statement from the TRWD.  The writ requesting an election was filed by John Basham, a three-time candidate for the board, Daria Hobbs and Texans for Government Transparency. But the legislation sponsored by Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, did not address whether the two board members – Marty Leonard and Jim Lane – could serve a fifth year without a vote.

A similar federal lawsuit against the water district was filed by Fort Worth pastor Kyev Tatum, his brother, Archie and their wives Tonya and Hershey Ann, that also said the water district violated the Texas and U.S. constitutions by moving the election to May 2015. The plaintiffs could be reached for comment at press time.