Texas trial to register horse clones to begin

BETSY BLANEY, Associated Press


AMARILLO, Texas (AP) — Two Texas quarter horse breeders want the breed’s registry group to register their clones and look to a federal jury to make it happen.

Jury selection and opening arguments are set for Wednesday in an antitrust lawsuit in Amarillo against the American Quarter Horse Association that could have far-ranging implications for other horse-breeder groups.

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The pair sued the Amarillo-based association last year in the hope of overturning the prohibition of cloned horses from the registry.

The breeders own cloned quarter horses or offspring and contend the rule violates federal laws prohibiting entities from monopolizing commerce without a legitimate reason.

AQHA has denied the suit’s claims and contend its rules promote competition.

Officials at other horse-breeder groups say they will be monitoring the case, which could set a precedent.

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