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Government TRWD extends public comment period for General Ordinace changes to Nov. 30

TRWD extends public comment period for General Ordinace changes to Nov. 30

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The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) announced Aug. 26 it is extending the deadline to receive public comments for proposed changes to its General Ordinance to Nov. 30.

A vote by the TRWD Board, originally scheduled for Sept. 15, will not take place until after the extended public comment period has ended.

“We appreciate the positive dialogue we have had with our stakeholders so far during this process,” said Jack Stevens, TRWD’s board president. “The District is committed to extending the comment period to ensure we have the feedback we need to make an informed decision on these proposed changes.”

The proposed changes are intended to ensure that water throughout TRWD’s service area and in the Trinity River remains clean and free of pollution, Stevens said.

The District’s General Ordinance regulates the water and land under District jurisdiction. It is used to protect water quality, District lands, properties, buildings, and to regulate the use of lands around TRWD reservoirs and the Fort Worth floodway and the reservoirs and floodway themselves for recreation and business purposes.

The District’s Commercial Facilities Ordinance provides minimum standards for the operation and maintenance of Commercial Facilities located on District land or waters to protect public use, access and safety and to maintain good water and environmental quality.

The original public notice was posted on the TRWD website on Aug. 21 with the public comment period ending on Sept. 15.  During the Fort Worth City Council Work Session on Aug. 25, several council members expressed unhappiness at the water district’s plans. Some in the development and real estate community expressed concern with the plan as well.

An updated version of the proposed ordinance that addresses some of the feedback already received is located on the TRWD website at www.trwd.com/board-of-directors. The public can also submit comments regarding the proposed ordinances to TRWD by emailing PublicComments@trwd.com or sending comments by mail to:

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