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Above the Line: Marketing firm takes companies social



Nothing like a little social media for a healthy boost in business.

And health care professionals have discovered this, thanks to Derek Baiza and his company, Marketingabovetheline.com. Baiza is the founder and president of the company, which is designed to help doctors/business owners and other health care professionals increase their practice revenues through his marketing strategy. Recognized internationally as a digital marketing expert, Baiza is also CEO of Above the Line Holdings LLC, which specializes in marketing and developing local businesses.

Baiza is also a Fitness Youtuber (Derek James Fitness) and an alumnus of McMurry University, where he was a football NCAA Division II All-American in 2012 as a cornerback and punt returner.

Baiza frequently encourages and motivates entrepreneurship among millennial across the world.

Baize is originally from Lubbock and graduated from Post High School. He recently answered questions from the Fort Worth Business Press concerning his business and what the future might hold.

Where did the idea for Above the Line come from and when did you start it?

The idea came from me being in medical sales. Being an outside medical

sales rep, I would have to call on 15 to 20 offices a day. I found a problem and I was able to solve it. Some clinics had two to five patients, whereas other clinics had 20 patients. It got to the point where some doctors who only had two to five patients in the waiting room were asking me to help increase brand awareness/patient volume. I was able to help increase and generate more revenue by digital marketing, and this is how Above The Line Marketing was founded. I officially launched this company Feb. 1, 2017, and have never looked back.

What is the best thing your company has to offer?

The best thing my company offers is many things: marketing effectiveness, precise targeting, increase customer retention, turning customers into buyers, SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, and social media is our prime mover. Digital marketing builds reputation overall.

Why is it important for companies, particularly small ones, to promote themselves on social media?

Digital marketing provides small and medium businesses the chance to compete and attract their share of targeted traffic. Small companies now have the resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously available to only large corporations.

How do you promote your own company and bring on clients?

How I promote Above The Line Marketing is the same way I market my clients – through Facebook ads, social media platforms, email marketing. I also use my past experience and go door-to-door introducing myself. This is also how I get new clients, simply providing and explaining how I can help brand, grow and generate more revenue for their business.

Who are some of your biggest clients to date?

My clients do sign confidentiality agreements. I did get approval from

two of my clients. We handle Fort Worth Hand Center and Female Health


What lies ahead for Above the Line?

Great question. ATLM is continuing to stay above the line. Digital marketing is accelerating every second of the day and making it hard to keep up with the evolving market trends that continually pop up. We eventually want to expand out to other industries besides health care, and here’s why: By 2017, Forbes reported that 87 percent of sales will be from tablets and smartphones. Companies must focus on making their content mobile-friendly. If mobile users are unable to easily search and find what they’re looking for, they will go somewhere else to have a more positive experience. So this is yet another way to be more effective in the future.

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