All Saints’ becomes first PK-12 Blue Zones Approved School nationwide

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Fort Worth-based All Saints’ Episcopal School has become a Blue Zones Approved School and the first PK-12 school in the nation to receive the designation, the school announced June 5.

In order to be approved, All Saints’ had to earn a certain number of points on the Blue Zones Project checklist for a division category. As the only cross-divisional school recognized, All Saints’ met the required level of points for all three division categories (elementary, middle and high school).

All Saints’ also said new checklist components were added to assess the Early Childhood program and accommodate for recognizing the school community as a whole.

“All Saints’ takes pride in the fact that we pioneered the standard for community-wide wellness practices and hope to serve as a model for other private schools going forward,” All Saints’ communications and marketing manager Annalise Martinec said.

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The Blue Zones Project is a well-being initiative that aims to make healthy choices easier for U.S. communities through changes to environment, policy and social networks.

“All Saints’ pioneered the standard for community-wide wellness practices,” the school said on its website.

Wellness is one of the five pillars of All Saints’ strategic plan, encompassing developing the mind, body and spirit of students.

The school listed some initiatives it implemented that it feels helped it receive the designation on its website, including Community-Inclusive Dining, Parent Wellness Seminars, Challenge Success, Purpose Workshop for Juniors, Health Team and Service Learning Programs, as well as incorporating physical activity and mindfulness breaks throughout the school day.

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All Saints’ details on it’s website the start of its Blue Zones journey.

Two years ago, class of 2017 student Jared Moody chose Blue Zones as the topic of his senior capstone project at All Saints’ and saw how the initiative could support the school’s commitment to wellness.

Once he graduated, class of 2018’s Bianca Arreguin saw it through as the focus of her senior capstone as well.

“We look forward to partnering with Blue Zones Project as we continue our commitment to wellness in the 2018-2019 school year,” the school’s website reads. “This fall, the Fort Worth City Council will recognize All Saints’ as a Blue Zones Approved School and All Saints’ will host a community-wide event to celebrate this important honor.”

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