At last, some stability: Larry the Cat will remain at 10 Downing Street

Follow Larry the cat on his scratched up Twitter page: @Number10cat

LONDON – Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron has one day to pack up his belongings and leave 10 Downing Street, making way for his successor, Theresa May. But he won’t be packing everything into the blue vans spotted outside the residence: Officials say Larry the Cat will be allowed to stay.

“Larry is staying. He’s very much the Downing Street cat, not the Camerons’ personal cat. He is a Downing Street legend,” said a spokesman for the Cabinet Office.

Larry has been Number 10’s resident cat since 2011. He was brought in after a black rat was seen scurrying outside of Downing Street during a live broadcast on the BBC.

Although known as the “chief mouser,” Larry’s work ethic has previously been called into question. Cameron once said that the brown and white tabby cat was happy just sitting on the chair in the hallway and “doesn’t get up and get out much.”

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On Tuesday, all eyes were on May, who has yet to confirm who will be in her top leadership team, which is expected to include a minister who will oversee Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Larry the Cat also appeared to be eyeballing his new owner on her way into Downing Street.

Despite assurances that he won’t be evicted, it seems as there are still turf wars to be fought. He was recently caught on film by the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg in a late night showdown with Palmerston, the Foreign Office’s cat.

But Larry also seemed keen to make a good impression on his new owner. A parody account set up in his name recently tweeted: “Does anyone know a good cat groomer available tomorrow? I need to make a good impression on someone on Wednesday.”