BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth: Helping the community reach their fitness goals through pilates



BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth

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3232 W. 7th St., Fort Worth


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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” — JOSEPH PILATES

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According to theStatistic Brain Research Institute, in 2017 26.9 percent of all New Year’s resolutions made in the U.S. involved losing weight and exercise. If this is one of your goals going into 2018, consider taking up a new fitness routine: Pilates.

Kamille McCollum and her husband, Matt, are the co-owners of BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth, a pilates inspired fitness studio that was voted the Fort Worth Magazine reader pick for the best fitness program in Fort Worth for 2017.

Having previously attended a BODYBAR location in the Dallas area before moving to Fort Worth, after their move the couple struggled to find somewhere to get the high-intensity pilates workout they were missing back east.

After finding out from a friend and BODYBAR instructor that the company was looking to franchise in Fort Worth, McCollum and her husband jumped on the opportunity to be local business owners.

“My husband and I have always wanted to own our own business and we always wanted it to be in health and wellness,” McCollum said. “We loved the workout and the community feel that you have when you’re serving other people and helping them reach their goals.”

McCollum says she knows how many people use the goal, or resolution, setting time of the new year to begin a new fitness routine, but she also knows that it can be hard to stay committed.

She invites all to follow BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth on social media for New Year’s specials and participate in the studio-wide challenge in February to take 20 classes in 28 days, which ends in prize giveaways.

“We do try to help people stay accountable because we know it’s so easy to make that hard push in January and then as the months go on you kind of forget about it,” McCollum said.

BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth opened its doors Aug. 1, 2016, after McCollum and her husband took out a small business loan. In addition to owning the location, McCollum also doubles as a fitness instructor and her husband handles some of the studio’s marketing.

BODYBAR Fitness aims to have something for everyone whether they have never stepped foot in a gym or if working out is their passion and they need a new challenge, McCollum said, adding that the studio is more than a place to get fit, it’s a place to build a community and find friendships.

“We really try to let everyone know that no matter what your fitness level is, you can come here and be successful,” she said. “If you are looking for an amazing workout, but also a place where you can be held accountable and when you walk in people know your name, then we’re the place to go.”  

McCollum says that one of the great things about pilates is that it is low impact so anyone from someone nine-months pregnant to someone who’s 80 years old can do, yet at the same time, it allows for a full-body workout so “your whole body can be in shape and in tune.”

BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth currently offers 10 different workouts including Reformer, Reformer + Refine, Power Toner, Reformer Jump, Reformer Chair, Chair/Jump!, Abs + Arms, Lower Body Burn, Boot Camp and Express. McCollum says the studio plans to debut two new workouts, BODYBAR Basics and Stretch + Release, in February.

“During our workouts, we try to get your heart rate up so you’re burning fat while you’re strengthening and toning muscles, so it’s more than just doing strength training,” McCollum explained, adding that the instructors often add a little bit of cardio and isometric holds to increase the workout’s intensity.

As small business owners themselves, McCollum and her husband are acutely aware of the obstacles small business owners face and make sure to do their part whenever they can to support local businesses.

So, as the days until Christmas counted down, BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth counted its favorite things, reaching out to local, Fort Worth businesses and giving away prizes from each.

“One of the reasons that we wanted to own our own business was we wanted to just help speak life into other people,” McCollum said. “We want to be able to affect others and have others affect us [because] that’s what’s this world is about, people.”