Dietary Supplement Improves Cognition in Alzheimer’s

Dietary Supplement Improves Cognition in Alzheimer's

(NewsUSA) – Approximately 5.5 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s dementia, and no cure or preventive measure currently exists.

However, a new dietary supplement has shown an ability to improve cognitive function in adults with dementia, based on results of a year-long clinical trial.

In the study, 34 adults with an average age of 80 were given one teaspoon, four times a day, of a dietary supplement containing multiple natural ingredients, notably a unique form of aloe vera and stabilized rice bran, for 12 months.

“Overall, our results showed statistically and clinically significant improvements in cognitive functioning and statistically significant improvements in immune functioning for a disease that otherwise has no efficacious medical treatment,” says John E. Lewis, Ph.D., founder and chief science officer of Nurish.Me, a company focused on developing innovative dietary supplements.

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“Many participants had a renewed ability to recall people, places, events and situations, which was remarkable given their disease severity and from what the caregivers reported to us,” Lewis adds.

In addition, participants showed significant improvements after 12 months of treatment in scores on the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive Subscale (ADAS-Cog), the current gold standard for measuring and assessing cognitive function in dementia patients. On average, patients in the study showed improvements in the ADAS-Cog of greater than four points, which is considered clinically significant.

The initial results of the study were published in 2013 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Additional findings were published in 2017 in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research, and a third paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research.

Based on the study results, Lewis and a team of scientists and business partners created the Nurish.Me company and developed the CogniNurish dietary supplement for consumer use. CogniNurish contains the key ingredients from the Alzheimer’s study: aloe vera inner leaf powder (BiAloe) and stabilized rice bran.

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The unique combination of polysaccharides from BiAloe, phytochemicals and other essential nutrients from rice bran and other ingredients “creates a broad-spectrum approach to providing the body the raw materials it needs to enable the bioengineering of life,” says Lewis.

“This ingredient combination has been missing in the brain health space.”

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CogniNurish is now available via Amazon, and CogniNurish Pro, an enhanced version of the original formula, is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2020.