Eosera hosts feminine hygiene drive for local girls in need

Cutline: With gloves and masks, local Fort Worth girls volunteer to hand out product at Eosera’s feminine hygiene drive. Credit: Courtesy Esoera

When Eosera CEO Elyse Stoltz Dickerson learned that girls in the community were going without feminine care products in the aftermath  of COVID-19 that left many jobless and without the means to buy necessary hygiene products, she couldn’t sleep.
So she decided to do something about it and launched a company-based feminine hygiene drive.

With gloves and masks, local Fort Worth girls volunteer to hand out product at Eosera’s feminine hygiene drive.
Courtesy Esoera

In a matter of weeks, the drive raised more than $6,000 and secured more than 37,000 donated feminine.

YWLA Principal Tamara Albury (left) and Elyse Dickerson.
Courtesy Esoera

All products went to the women and girls at Breakthrough Fort Worth and Young Women’s Preparatory Network, a local non-profit and girls’ school respectively.

The two organizations estimated that about 500 girls were because of jobs lost from COVID-19. Volunteers collected, sorted, counted and packaged the products for the girls and handed them out via contactless drive-by distribution system.
The packaged products consisted of a variety of feminine hygiene products and will give the girls enough product to last into the next school year.

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“I was ecstatic that there was something I could do to help those struggling from COVID-19. It’s amazing the amount of people that stepped up to help in such a trying time,” Dickerson, said.
On the day of the event, 15 volunteers showed up in shifts to lend their support, time, and energy. Central Market donated 1,000 grocery bags to the cause, each one decorated by girls from a local school and filled with product for those in need.
Eosera teamed with Lola, a popular feminine hygiene brand. Lola sold cases of product to the company at a discounted cost, adding thousands of hygiene products to the drive.

The women of the Eosera team stand behind 500 bags of feminine hygiene products donated to those in need.
Courtesy Esoera

Eosera contacted other global manufacturers, who donated thousands of products as well.
“We’re hoping to continue donations into the future with the support of the community. We care deeply about giving back,” said Dickerson.
EOSERA Inc. is a multi-million-dollar, female-led biotech company committed to developing innovative products that address underserved healthcare needs. Eosera offers a comprehensive line of ear care products addressing earwax impaction, ear itch, and ear pain. The company is part of the Conscious Capitalism movement.
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