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Fort Worth biotech startup announces partnership with product distributor

The biotechnology startup company that created Earwax MD, Eosera Inc., announced its partnership with a leading product distributor for the hearing industry, Oaktree Products, on July 18.

“By partnering with Oaktree Products, Eosera ensures audiologists and other healthcare providers have easy access to this new, innovative product,” said the CEO of Eosera, Elyse Dickerson, in a news release.

The news release says that Oaktree carries both a 2-ounce bottle for use in doctors’ offices and a 0.5-ounce bottle for patients to buy and take home with them.

“Over the last 25 years, Oaktree has been involved in teaching and training cerumen (earwax management to the audiology profession,” said the CEO of Oaktree Products, Bob Kemp, in a news release. “Historically, earwax softening agents have been formulated with carbamide peroxide. These products, like Debrox, usually require several days to produce results. The ability to soften and remove wax in minutes will make cerumen removal in the clinic so much easier and more efficient. Oaktree is very excited to represent this ground-breaking product.”

According to the news release, 18 million Americans have to have earwax extracted through a medical procedure every year. Healthcare professionals are looking for quicker and more effective solutions for earwax management to use both in-office and to send their patients home with.

“In clinical studies, 86 percent of patients experienced a complete clearance of earwax in 15 – 30 minutes,” said the chief scientific officer and Eosera co-founder, Joe Griffin in a news release. “Earwax MD’s rate of effectiveness varies slightly among patients because each patient has a different type of earwax, but the product is proving itself to solve earwax impaction far better than anything currently on the market.”

EarWax MD can be purchased on Amazon and, starting in August, at CVS stores across the nation. Other distributors for Earwax MD include Warner Tech and ADCO Hearing.

For more about Eosera go to eosera.com/

For more about Oaktree Products go to oaktreeproducts.com

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