Fort Worth pharmaceutical development company to present at BIO CEO and Investor Conference

Fort Worth-based NanOlogy, a clinical stage pharmaceutical development company, has announced that Gere diZerega, MD, VP of Medical Affairs, will present at the BIO CEO & Investor Conference, Feb. 12 in New York, to share “promising preliminary data from the NanOlogy clinical development programs.

The company is developing a submicron particle technology system for local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer and related illnesses where the drugs are injected directly to the affected area or organ. It is also developing a topical administration treatment.

NanOlogy LLC ( is a company formed by DFB Pharmaceuticals of

Fort Worth, CritiTech Inc. of Lawrence, Kansas, and US Biotest Inc. of San Luis Obispo, California.

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“The NanOlogy submicron particle platform may provide more effective therapies for multiple

indications either as early first line treatments or in combination regimens,” lead scientific

advisor Maurie Markman, MD, President of Medicine and Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of

America, said in the news release.

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“Early trial results indicate that the platform may enable local delivery of large, sustained amounts of the drug at the site of disease, thereby reducing systemic exposure and systemic side effects.”

One side effect that the company is hoping to avoid is the illness caused by both cancer fight drugs and the solution used to deliver them that accompany traditional chemotherapy.

NanOlogy has four Phase 2 clinical trials underway for NanoPac, a sterile suspension of

submicron particle paclitaxel, in ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and pancreatic mucinous cysts. NanOlogy also is conducting a Phase 2 trial of SOR007, submicron particle paclitaxel suspended in a topical anhydrous base, for cutaneous metastases, while NanOlogy affiliate, DFB Soria, has a Phase 2 trial of SOR007 nearing completion for actinic keratosis. In 2018, a clinical trial is planned in bladder cancer for

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NanoDoce, a sterile suspension of the submicron particle docetaxel, pending approval.

The news release said that NanoPac for inhalation has shown tumor reduction in a preclinical lung

cancer study after pharmacokinetic studies demonstrated an unprecedented 14-day retention of

drug in lung tissue with serious abnormalities in the tissue.

The NanOlogy submicron particle technology platform is protected by an extensive intellectual

property portfolio covering production processes, uses, formulations and specifications, as

well as composition under U.S. patent 9,814,685 valid until June 2036 covering particle size, density, surface area, drug dissolution and other aspects, the company said in the news release.