Grapevine dealership rescues baby raccoons from car engine


Park Place dealerships in Grapevine have a thing for finding animals stuck in cars.

In 2011, it was a red-tailed hawk caught in a car grill at Park Place Lexus. Last year, it was a kitten, also caught in a grill. This time, it’s four baby raccoons.

Technicians at Mercedes-Benz dealer Park Place Motorcars found the raccoons while working on the engine of an SUV. After one of the raccoons peeked its head out from the engine, the technicians and other staff removed parts of the engine to free the raccoons. Park Place employees then placed the raccoons in a cage with a pillow and milk.

According to a news release, a wildlife rescue organization came to pick up the raccoons. The group will raise the raccoons and before releasing them into the wild.