Medicare and Diabetes: A Few Things to Know

Medicare and Diabetes: A Few Things to Know

(StatePoint) Two in five Medicare patients with diabetes (40.9 percent) reach the Part D coverage gap, and are responsible for the full cost of their prescription drugs.(1) To help ease this financial burden, Eli Lilly and Company offers several solutions, including insulins with a lower list price.

People with diabetes will need to make important decisions for healthcare coverage during the Medicare open enrollment period (October 15 to December 7, 2019). To help ensure treatments are affordable, it’s important to consider the following when choosing a Medicare coverage plan:

• Make a list of important priorities including cost, coverage and network that your plan must have based on your individual health needs.

• A checklist can help guide important conversations when choosing a plan. Lilly’s checklist  can help identify different cost, coverage and network considerations specifically for people with diabetes.

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• When considering which plan to choose, Lilly’s Plan Guide can help identify which Medicare Part D plans cover the lower priced insulin in each state.

“The transition to Medicare for people with diabetes can be difficult and there are many factors, such as cost, that go into making a coverage decision. We’re working to ease the financial burden for the growing number of people with diabetes who are in the coverage gap phase of their plan,” said Tony Ezell, vice president, U.S. Connected Care and Insulins, Lilly. “The goal is that Lilly’s solutions will help people with diabetes access affordable insulin until long-term, systemic changes are made to the U.S. healthcare system.”

Visit or call the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center to learn more about the solutions available that may help people with diabetes significantly decrease the amount they pay for Lilly insulin. Helpline representatives are available at (833) 808-1234 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

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(1) American Diabetes Association. The Impact of Medicare Part D on the proportion of Out-of-Pocket Prescription Drug Costs Among Older Adults With Diabetes. Available at: Accessed October 1, 2019.