North Texas medical societies form COVID-19 coalition

The Collin-Fannin, Dallas, Denton, Grayson, and Tarrant Medical Societies have partnered to form the North Texas Medical Society Coalition (NTMSC), one of the largest physician-led COVID-19 alliances in the southern United States.
With more than 11,500 members, the NTMSC will collectively advise and inform North Texas communities with scientifically based information, the organizations said in a news release.
Knowledge of COVID-19 and the optimal treatment approach is constantly evolving. The goal of this coalition is to provide a united voice for physicians in the North Texas region at this critical time.

Doctors throughout North Texas are working on getting scientifically based recommendations to the community on safe practices and managing healthcare. By banding together, NTMSC hopes to augment their reach to patients and to serve as a voice of clarity at a time when medical information is coming at an overwhelming pace, often leading to confusion., the announcement said.

At the time of the announcement, North Texas infection rates had increased to more than 9,000 COVID-19 cases, while  Texas had 33,369 confirmed cases statewide.
“It is becoming increasingly difficult for the public to wade through a large amount of information coming rapidly from different sources and to determine what is accurate, what is important, and what is applicable to North Texas and individual families and businesses. Physicians are best positioned to use our knowledge and experience to provide recommendations that the public can trust,” said Dallas County Medical Society President-elect, Beth Kassanoff, MD.

As its first recommendation, NTMSC proposes a continuation of physical distancing practices.

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Texas leaders moved quickly to implement social distancing early on in the pandemic. Because of this, Texas avoided the catastrophic surge of COVID-19 as experienced in other states, the medical societies said.

“NTMSC believes it is imperative that civic and business leaders, and the community as a whole, continue to practice physical distancing to avoid a resurgence of COVID-19,” the news release said. “Failing to do so may result in COVID-19 infections at rates that require hospitalization, intensive care, and medical equipment that exceed our resources.”
The organization said that North Texas physicians understand that citizens live, work, and play throughout a large region and are working together with area healthcare partners, including hospitals, public health departments, and business leaders, advising on medical recommendations related to reopening business and social activities.
“Our physicians are following medical science, tracking public health data, and adhering to CDC guidelines for population testing, contact tracing, and treatment recommendations for COVID-19 and non-COVID patients,” the organization said.
– FWST Staff