PyxisCare launches strategic health plan management

PyxisCare Management, a supplier of personalized care coordination for mid-sized companies, individuals and families with complex care needs, has announced the launch of Strategic Health Plan Management, a new offering for corporate clients.

The company is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth region and has offices throughout Texas and clients in several states. The company is privately owned and operated under the guidance of a board of directors.

The company said in a news release that Strategic Health Plan Management is a natural extension of the growth of PyxisCare’s services for corporate and organizational clients. 
The announcement said the company uses data and years of care management experience to empower companies to take better care of their employees by: 

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1.) improving access to and satisfaction with health and wellness providers and services;
2.) stabilizing and reducing skyrocketing healthcare services and benefits costs over time; and
3.) helping ensure business continuity with custom solutions to address disruptive and potentially devastating health challenges, like COVID-19.

“Today’s market demands innovative approaches to health plan management for companies of all sizes, and specifically small and mid-sized companies. They often bear huge benefits costs without the resources to take full advantage of the coverage they have invested in,” said Mindy Jones, founder and chief executive officer of PyxisCare Management.

“Healthcare providers and services can be difficult to navigate and negotiate. Our nurses and our administration have for years been advising clients on how to maximize healthcare benefit usage, reduce costs, and most importantly, improve health. Now, we’re pairing strategic leadership advising with the work of our talented and compassionate nurses as on-site partners to our corporate clients,” Jones said.
PyxisCare ensures that every care team is led by a registered nurse. The care teams may also include care coordinators, staff support and a business partner. Strategic Health Plan Management model established personal health nurses, who are fully dedicated on-site nurses providing care coordination and real-time support for employees requiring assistance with benefits utilization.
In collaboration with Dallas-based Saville, Dodgen & Company PLLC, experts in accounting, tax, estate planning and audit, benefits experts examine utilization trends and leverage insights to enable strategic changes to improve businesses, the announcement said.
– FWBP Staff