Scott Hamilton on diagnosis of third brain tumor: ‘Whatever’s next is next’

Scott Hamilton, the Olympic figure skating gold medalist, is facing treatment for a brain tumor for the third time, he revealed in a recent interview.

Hamilton, who had testicular cancer in 1997 and previous brain tumors in 2004 and 2010, has a benign pituitary tumor, he told

“I have a unique hobby of collecting life-threatening illness,” said Hamilton, 58. “It’s six years later, and it decided that it wanted an encore.”

Hamilton, who said that he chooses “to celebrate life,” said only that he had recently learned of the diagnosis and is still researching possible treatments.

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“I’ll tell anybody that will listen: If you’re ever facing anything, get as many opinions as you possibly can,” he says. “The more you truly understand what you’re up against, the better decision you’re going to make.”

Hamilton, along with his wife Tracie and four children, are facing the diagnosis with faith.

“I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest imagination; I would never even think to dream the stuff that I’ve been able to do,” the 1984 gold medalist said. “Last round, in 2010, I told Tracie, ‘God doesn’t owe me a day. I’m good. Whatever’s next is next.’ The blessings keep coming because we allow them and we ask for them.”