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News Floors Fit For Your Vehicle

Floors Fit For Your Vehicle

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(NAPSI)—Good news for caring car, truck and SUV owners: When you’re looking to keep the high-traffic floor areas in your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram or Fiat vehicle as neat and clean as possible, Mopar—the service, parts, accessories and customer-care brand for all FCA vehicles—can have it covered.

“The floor areas in our vehicles certainly take a beating from foot traffic in the various conditions our customers experience,” explains Kim Mathers, Head, Mopar Accessories & Performance, FCA North America. “From harsh winter conditions with snow and salt to the warm and sandy conditions at the beach, to the thick mud from off-roading, our line of Mopar all-weather floor mats provide the best solution to prevent damage, maintain cleanliness and maintain a vehicle’s resale value.”

How It Works

The process starts with the Mopar Product Development Lab, which creates, tests and continuously improves every accessory that wears the Mopar name. While there are numerous aftermarket floor mat options, as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) source for all FCA vehicles the team at Mopar uses exclusive OEM data and specifications—which no other aftermarket parts company can provide—for true dimensional accuracy.

Using “factory” data from the vehicle, designers and engineers create an exact fit that’s always spot on. There’s no guesswork in clearing the brake and accelerator pedals or any other obstructions. An advanced retention system and factory anchors in the floor are maximized in order to eliminate mat shifting. Superior materials are odorless and structurally sound, while mat designs include up to 33 percent thicker mid-section for enhanced comfort and durability. The underside areas of the all-weather floor mats are built up so the fit is level and stable.

These mats are injection molded and designed with deep drain channels, rigid sidewalls and advanced reservoir systems that contain liquids—features that work for you in real-world scenarios. Second-row floor mats use an innovative interlocking design so they can be removed in sections to avoid having to twist or tip the entire mat, which can result in dumping dirt or liquid onto the floor.

Before any all-weather floor mat becomes available, the lab team conducts more than 30 rigorous tests, including:

• Seven-day chamber test in 185°F heat to ensure mats are warp-free

• Test in -4°F cold, where the mats are rolled and maneuvered to make sure they don’t crack

• Time on a “Taber” table, which involves 2,000 cycles under a friction disc, to ensure high-wear areas can handle the load

• Rigorous stain testing with items such as coffee, chocolate, ketchup and sunblock

From a durability standpoint, the end result is all-weather floor mats that outsmart, outlast, outfit and outperform any others.

Working with the same product design teams that develop FCA vehicles allows Mopar to make the most stylized and functional all-weather floor mats in the industry. Beyond the vehicle brand names, mats include design cues that match the overall interior design of the vehicle. For instance, on Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator all-weather floor mats, the water channel shows a contour map of Moab, Utah—the famous off-roading destination and home of the annual Easter Jeep Safari. Front mats feature a patented drain plug that covers the floor drain holes to allow draining without removal for easy cleaning.

Learn More

For further facts on genuine original parts and accessories for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Fiat vehicle, visit www.mopar.com.

clicktotweet When you’re looking to keep the high-traffic floor areas in your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram or Fiat vehicle as neat and clean as possible, Mopar—the service, parts, accessories and customer-care brand for all FCA vehicles—can have it covered. http://bit.ly/36Won8O

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