D&M and Apple Leasing are Taking the Opportunity to Give Back

D&M and Apple Leasing giving back During these challenging times, D&M wanted to give back to our communities and help those with the greatest needs, the companies said in a news release. Families are struggling with job losses, income losses, and the ability to buy groceries. Food Banks across the country are seeing an increase of 45-60% in families desperate for food. The need for food is up over 300% in some areas.

The majority of this increase comes from families who are first-time participants in food bank services. D&M Dallas, D&M Fort Worth, D&M Houston and Apple Leasing have all come together to make a contribution to their area food banks. Each office will donate $10,000. Support goes to Tarrant Area Food Bank in Tarrant County, Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano, Central Texas Food Bank in Austin and Houston Food Bank in Houston. D&M will also provide two food delivery trucks to the Houston Food Bank and Tarrant Area Food Bank at no cost during this high demand of delivery services to homes, nursing homes, veterans facilities, homeless shelters, schools, the company said. Feeding families is not a new mission for the Hernandez family.

D&M CEO Mike Hernandez has been supporting families in South Texas for many years as part of his programs which includes educational services, legal assistance, food for the hungry in Cameron County, and health care alternatives for people in need. “D&M is a company that has always worked closely with the communities we live in, to give back in some way. We are grateful and fortunate to have the resources to do so,” Hernandez said in the news release. “D&M has been and will continue to be a company that takes pride in its philanthropic works. We stand for integrity, compassion, and professionalism, in the good times and the most difficult.” https://www.dmautoleasing.com – FWBP Staff