Alter the river? Bridges to nowhere? Who will pay?

I am deeply concerned about the Trinity River Vision project, how much will it cost the Fort Worth taxpayers, and who are the individuals that will make out like bandits if this project continues. Federal tax dollars do not seem applicable to real estate appreciation and the mission of the Corps of Engineers is flood control, not creating a town lake.

We are in the middle of a long term drought and there should be some apprehension that after altering the Trinity River we may create the Fort Worth August Mud Flats. And building three bridges to nowhere? We are in Texas, not Alaska.

It is my understanding that the city of Fort Worth is nearly one billion dollars in debt; pretty soon we will be talking about real money! Just look at the fiasco to the east to see how things can run amuck. Again, who pays? And please name the individuals who will profit.

Bill Lawson Fort Worth