Dan Jenkins blasts Twitter penalty

Editor’s note: The following is is a response by legendary Fort Worth sportswriter/author and TCU graduate Dan Jenkins to Richard Connor’s column about the harsh – later modified – punishment imposed by TCU on a student who posted social media messages the school found offensive.

Dan Jenkins

If every student at TCU, or any other university, is going to be punished for what he or she posts on his or her own private Facebook in a conversation with someone, then we might as well be living in Nazi Germany.

Free speech in this country should trump EVERYTHING, and most of all a dean or professor who wishes to stomp it out in the name of political correctness.

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Professors and deans who love to hide behind “academic freedom” in order to preach their own poison are one of the great dangers to this country.

Any educator who wants to force me to live in the “global community” instead of the United States of America should be dismissed and then tortured.

 I mean severe torture. Like being locked in a room and forced to listen to rap for the rest of their lives.