Editorial: Mr. President, You lost. Let it go.

President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Trump, it’s over. It’s not in your nature, we know, but you need to surrender.

When you were elected four years ago, there were Americans – tens of millions of them, we’d estimate – who didn’t like the result, who thought the wrong person had been elected, who thought the outcome of the election did not truly reflect the will of the people.

Your opponent, you may recall, received nearly 3 million more votes than you did. You prevailed in the Electoral College, an anachronism of the United States political system that many Americans believe has outlived its usefulness – and its fairness.

This time, you lost the popular vote again – when last we checked, your opponent was outpolling you by more than 4 million votes. And the electoral vote was not your friend. You lost key states in 2020 that you won in 2016 – most notably Pennsylvania, which sealed your fate.

Votes are still being counted, but uncounted votes can’t help you now: you lost. You lost. Nobody cheated you. Nobody stole the election. Nobody counted illegal ballots – or at least nobody counted enough illegal ballots to affect the outcome of the election.

- FWBP Digital Partners -

Joe Biden beat you, Mr. President. Accept it. Embrace it. Go home, lick your wounds, pick up where you left off before you decided, inexplicably, to run for president. You had a good life before. Go back to it. Brag about your successes. Fib about your failures. Build some hotels.

Whatever you do, let the country move on. You did the impossible four years ago when against all odds you won the nation’s highest office. You infuriated a lot of people during your presidency but you also chalked up some real accomplishments. Let historians make the final judgment on your time in office. The voters made theirs Nov. 3.