Editorial: Trump’s first year ends and life goes on

As the days dwindle down in 2017, many Americans will breathe a sigh of relief. The nation has survived the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The earth still spins on its axis. The government still functions – inasmuch as what the government does nowadays can be defined as functioning. The folks who were sure they’d have to flee the country or hurl themselves from tall buildings are still here and still going about the business of living in the greatest nation on the planet.

Some people might even say, “I told you so.” The stock market has surged virtually nonstop since Trump was elected. Congress seems on the verge of passing a long-awaited tax overhaul bill. The Islamic State is in retreat in the Middle East, even if its disciples continue to perpetrate isolated but all-too-frequent terrorist attacks in Europe and the U.S.

Maybe you hate Trump, maybe you love him, or maybe you’ve simply chosen to plow ahead without regard to what he says or does. But one thing is undeniable: The United States of America, whether inspired by its leaders or repulsed by them, has always survived and usually thrived. This country and its people have always risen to whatever challenges confronted us and we will continue to do so.

- FWBP Digital Partners -

Trump’s tweets infuriate his critics and embarrass even his most ardent admirers – but they’re only tweets. Pervasive as it is and as maddening as it can be, Twitter will not alter the course of civilization or change our innate understanding of who and what we are. A tweet will not dim the sun or ignite a fire that obliterates the universe.

Like it or not, Trump will be president for three more years or until his enemies devise a way to drive him from office. Life goes on.