Letter from the publisher: Changes are Coming to the Business Press

January 8th, 2020

Dear Friends and Readers of the Business Press,

One thing the Business Press has never been afraid to do is change. Over more than three decades of bringing news and information to our readers, we’ve changed formats, designs and size, added and subtracted supplemental publications and even at one point changed our name, dropping “Press” in favor of what we thought would be a more contemporary flag: “Fort Worth Business.” Turned out readers didn’t much like the change and, to tell the truth, neither did we. So we went back to the name that had served us so well for so long.

Now, as we enter our 33rd year, we’re ready to make another change, one that we believe will advance our business model but even more importantly will enhance the quality of the Business Press that we deliver to our readers in print and on a variety of online platforms.

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Starting this month, the Fort Worth Business Press will publish its print edition twice a month instead of weekly. The new schedule will allow us to improve the content and appearance of each issue, bringing you more pages, more stories, more in-depth reporting, more and better photos – all produced on high-quality, glossy paper that will give the Business Press the look and feel of a first-rate magazine. Another important advantage of the new schedule will be the increased shelf life of each issue, giving readers more time to read and peruse our reporting and advertising.

Make no mistake, news is still our top priority – news about business and the people in Fort Worth’s business community above all, but also stories about every facet of life in North Texas – including features and advertising devoted to topics generally referred to as “lifestyle.” The areas of focus will include architecture/homes, food, entertainment and travel, among others.

And, true to our history and mission, we’ll strive to be an effective watchdog on government, doing our best to ensure that our public officials are held accountable to taxpayers and voters.

Along with the print changes, we’ll be upgrading and improving our website and our extremely popular daily email newsletters. News is a 24-hour, seven-day undertaking nowadays and we are committed to using all the tools at our disposal to keep Business Press readers informed with timely and complete news products.

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We’ll be providing more information as we implement our changes but I wanted to give our loyal and much-appreciated readers an early heads-up as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our history. As always, we welcome your feedback, positive and negative. Compliments will be gratefully accepted; criticism will be duly noted and considered. Thank you for staying with us all these years and thank you in advance for joining us as we charge into the future.


Richard Connor

Publisher of the FWBP

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