Letter to the Editor: May auld congressmen be forgot ….

Grandparents: a Christmas gift suggestion for your grandchildren. Like most other gifts given your grandchildren, it’s something you’ve never experienced. Unlike your previous gifts its value is priceless; it will last all their lives and benefit future generations. The gift: an America with no income tax and without the evil IRS. The income tax has been a thorn in your side since you first went to work. Over the years, you’ve spent many hours preparing your income tax returns. Even now you are probably gathering receipts and such for that annual task. You can spare your grandchildren this drudgery. The IRS, which you have despised, and feared, will be an even greater threat to your grandchildren. The IRS now openly targets groups considered to be unfriendly to the federal government. It’s used as a political weapon to keep would-be dissidents “whipped into shape.” It plays favorites, grants “tax favors” to special interests and well-connected people – all stemming from actions of our representatives in Congress, yours and mine. You know from experience it’s true. But it doesn’t have to be for our grandchildren. Let’s take back our country! Work to defeat your incumbent member of Congress in his/her 2014 primary. Do it for your grandkids.

Glen E Terrell Arlington seth37eee@gmail.com