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Thursday, October 22, 2020
Opinion Letter to the editor: Obama has a birthday, Fort Worth gets a...

Letter to the editor: Obama has a birthday, Fort Worth gets a gift

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According to recent press reports, the Fort Worth City Council is considering reducing the tax rate by two cents.

An article in the Aug. 3 Fort Worth Star -Telegram article stated: “… since the Great Recession that began about a decade ago, Fort Worth has been chipping its way back from laying off employees to hiring them to meet growth demands, including staffing a new police division and two new fire stations, among other things.

“Councilman W.B. ‘Zim’ Zimmerman said it’s remarkable how the market has turned around in Fort Worth, reminding everyone that just seven years ago the council was trying to figure out how to come up with $70 million to meet obligations.

‘“To be where we are today is extraordinary,’ Zimmerman said. ‘It’s even more extraordinary that we’re doing this in a very measured and very logical and very common-sense way.”’

Blame it on Obama. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Don Woodard

Fort Worth

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